Image reviewing workstations

PACS tables

Voxel Nordic manufactures PACS tables, sells and markets complete ergonomic solutions for image reviewing and aim to support and improve the entire medical imaging workflow.

PACS workstation VOXEL DxTer

Image reviewing table VOXEL DxTer.
The reviewing workstation made in Sweden that offers unique features for an ergonomic and individually adapted workplace with the highest safety.

  • Optimal ergonomic fit for all people, regardless of height
  • Programmable heights
  • Active collision protection
  • Spill-proof design

SyncroTilt®   - unique features VOXEL DxTer
Height and tilt of the monitors are synchronized with the tilt of the table top for optimal ergonomics, both in terms of working position, acoustics and visual and light ergonomics.


Example of standard features:

  • Motorized height adjustment of the desk
  • Motorized monitor solution
  • Motorized tilting of the worktop
  • Fixed side plate
  • Height display with programmable heights 
  • Color-tempered lighting - optimal light ergonomics
    • Desk lighting
    • Ambient light
    • Backlight
  • Sensor-controlled legs with minimal sound volume
  • Privacy screen VOXEL WOOD in color 02 with sound-absorbing inside
  • Spill proof design
  • Active collision protection
  • Display showing monitor height

Example of options:

  • Anti-microbial table tops and privacy screens 
  • Hygienic keyboards and mice (dishwasher safe and disinfectant)
  • Full-coverage mouse pad
  • Footrest
  • Voxel's ergonomic chair with unique functions such as anti-tip devices - made especially for professions with long periods of desk work.



Read more about our Privacy screen Voxel Wood:

We offer solutions to support all competencies within the medical imaging workflow.